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Tranzition is a fertilizer that, when used during the first few weeks of flowering, helps plants make a vigorous transition from vegetative growing to fruiting and flowering. Tranzition contains 100% natural and organic ingredients and can be used in all types of gardens where bushier plants and increased flowering sites are desired.

Tranzition can be amended into soil, watered into any type of horticultural growing medium, or added to aerated teas.

Use Rates and Volumes:


*Plant size, growth stage, and variety may affect usage rate*

Water in Application Rate:

May be applied through drip systems, with fertigation equipment, recirculation systems, and flood irrigation systems weekly for best results.

Ideal time for use is the first 3 weeks of the plant’s flowering stage.

¼ tsp to ½ tsp per gallon of water  (MILD)

1 tsp to 2 tsp per gallon of water    (STRONG)

1 tbsp per gallon of water               (HEAVY)

At ¼ tsp per gallon, 1# of Tranzition will make 720 gallons

At 1 tsp per gallon, 1# of Tranzition will make 180 gallons

Top Dress Application Rate:

¼ tsp per cubic foot of soil in weeks 1 – 3 of the flowering stage.

Soil types and other fertilizers will determine dosage

At ¼  tsp per cubic foot, 1# of Tranzition amends 720 cubic ft.


Product Label:

Sensational Solutions created a natural blend of micronized ingredients for the transitional stage of flower. Tranzition is best used when the season starts to change from summer to fall, when plants transition from growing to flowering and producing fruit. Brew with Micronized Compost Tea for a transitional stage tea or foliar spray.

Derived From: alfalfa meal, worm castings and kelp, ALSO CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENT: 3% Humic Acids (Derived from Leonardite)