CaFe Mag 1 lb.


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CaFe Mag is an EDTA-free calcium, iron and magnesium supplement for your garden. Our blend is an excellent mineral source to use when rapid results are required. CaFe Mag ingredients also have water retention properties, especially helpful during late summer, in drought or heat stressed conditions.

CaFe Mag can be amended into soil, watered into any type of horticultural growing medium, or added to aerated teas for a micronutrient boost.


Use Rates and Volumes:


*Plant size, growth stage, and variety may affect usage rate*

Water in Application Rate:

May be applied through drip systems, with fertigation equipment, flood irrigation systems, and sprayer applicators weekly for maximum results.

⅛  tsp to ¼  tsp per gallon of water  (MILD)

½  tsp to 1 tsp per gallon of water    (STRONG)

2 tsp to 1 tbsp per gallon of water    (HEAVY)

At ¼ tsp per gallon, 1# of CaFe Mag will make 624 gallons

At 1 tsp per gallon, 1# of CaFe Mag will make 156 gallons

Top Dress Application Rate:

½  tsp to 2 tsp per cubic foot of soil every 2 – 4 weeks during all stages of growth

At ½  tsp per cubic foot, 1# of Tranzition amends 312 cubic ft.


Product Label:

Puts the ‘Zing into Gardening

Derived From: greensand, magnesium amino acid complex, and colloidal clay