About Wild Boar Farms

Here at Wild Boar Farms we are dedicated to delivering you the ultimate tomato experience by offering some of the most outrageous varieties available on the planet. Countless hours of breeding, a little luck and a lot of hard work are what has allowed us to impact the world of tomatoes for the better. Our goal is to create the most amazing strains the world has ever seen through sheer passion, with each providing the highest level of satisfaction.

On this site you will find the product of over two decades of living and breathing tomatoes. Our focus is on breeding exotic-looking new tomato varieties with extreme flavors while using classical heirloom as a base. Tens of thousands of plants were grown along the way to purposefully improve tomatoes as an entire species, using tedious scrutiny to select every single cross. Each is the product of years of rigorously hard work and aim to capitalize on gifts from Mother Nature herself. Wild Boar Farms prioritizes quality in taste, productivity, aesthetics and longevity in concurrence. All have the potential to become someone’s new favorite tomato. We are true believers in implicating all-natural, sustainable and organic growing practices every step of the way; Never using GMOs.

When you purchase Wild Boar Farms seeds directly from us, it allows for the creation of new selections as well as the faithful perpetuation of the existing varieties that have now become standards within the tomato community. Your patronage helps tomatoes as a whole and it helps an occupation driven by love. While it is a difficult business, as well as the excitement of enhancing the world of agriculture spurs us on. The bar is always being raised and tomato-lovers around the world reap the rewards. Thank you for your interest and please consider growing and enjoying some of the fruits of our labor. We proudly consider our varieties as Heirlooms of the Future, and hope that you will too.

Thanks for visiting our website.
- Bradley Gates