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Go Green Grow is a natural and organic fertilizer that provides an excellent balance of nutrition for lush growth of lawns, plants and trees. Micronized fishmeal, crab meal and alfalfa provide both rapidly available and long lasting nitrogen to help keep your garden green. The unique combination of ingredients in our blend can help improve soil structure and increase tolerance to drought.

Go Green Grow can be amended into soil, watered into any type of horticultural growing medium, or added to aerated teas to make a “grow” tea

Use Rates and Volumes:


*Plant size, growth stage, and variety may affect usage rate*

Water in Application Rate:

Mix ¼ tsp to 2 tsp per gallon of water every 1 – 3 weeks during the growth stage.

Increase fertilizer strength or rate if needed.

Adjust pH to 5.5 – 6.5 for optimal growth and vigor.

Reduce fertilizer strength if used in conjunction with other fertilizers.

At ¼ tsp per gallon, 1# of Go Green will make 672 gallons

 At 1 tsp per gallon, 1# of Go Green will make 168 gallons

Soil Amendment and Application Rate:

Sprinkle evenly into soil every 2 – 4 weeks at a ratio of ½ tsp to 1 tbsp per cubic foot, increase strength as needed

At ½ tsp per cubic foot, 1# of Go Green amends 336 cubic ft.

 At 1 tbsp per cubic foot, 1# of Go Green amends 56 cubic ft.


Product Label:

Sensational Solutions crafted a blend of natural micronized ingredients to create GoGreen, an eco-friendly, economical alternative to traditional commercial fertilizers. We use materials that are harvested from natural resources and micronize them to eliminate water weight and increase concentration, resulting in reduced packaging and shipping costs to help reduce carbon footprint. Ingredients included have been shown to encourage strong, lush, compact growth. Incorporate GoGreen with Micronized Compost Tea for use as a grow tea or foliar spray.

Derived from: fish meal, crabshell, greensand, alfalfa meal, and kelp