Compost Tea 8 oz.


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Micronized Compost Tea is a blend of all-natural ingredients that can be combined with any fertilizer program to help build healthy soil, allowing plants to get the most out of the nutrients available to them


Use Rates and Volumes:


*Plant size, growth stage, and variety may affect usage rate*

To use immediately, mix ¼ tsp – 2 tsp per gallon of dechlorinated water, and apply to soil..

May be used with other fertilizers or as an additive to existing tea recipes.

For concentrated aerated teas, add 1 – 2 tbsp per gallon of dechlorinated water.

Mix in an equal amount of molasses or carbohydrate source (optional).

Aerate solution for 1 – 3 days.

Dilute tea 1:30 to 1:50 in water, apply with a sprayer, or use as a soil drench.

Water temperature may vary brew time.

At ¼ tsp per gallon, 1# Compost Tea makes 528 gallons

At 1 tsp per gallon, 1# Compost Tea  makes 132 gallons


Use approximately ⅛ tsp to ½ tsp per planting hole

At ¼ tsp per gallon, 1# Compost Tea amends 528 holes

Soil Amendment and Application Rate:

Apply ¼ tsp to 1 tbsp per cubic foot of soil every 3 – 4 weeks throughout the entire growing season

At ¼ tsp per gallon, 1# Compost Tea amends 528 cubic ft.


Product Label:

Sensational Solutions’ Micronized Compost Tea feeds the naturally-occurring microbial communities in soil and on plants. Robust microbial communities make nutrients available to plants. All the benefits of our concentrated compost tea go straight into suspension, eliminating the need for messy tea strainers and the waste associated with traditional teas. Micronized Compost Tea is an ideal addition to any farming program.

Derived From: 28% humus, 17% kelp, 13% worm castings, 12% composted turkey manure, and 30% other ingredients