Some Of Our Tomato Varieties


One of my first varieties. Discovered in Green Zebra patch years about ten years ago. This looks like a Black Zebra, slightly larger with some lobes. Mid-early to early. 65-75 days. Indet. regular leaf. Pumps out 3-4" fruit like crazy. Aggressive grower and producer. Great flavor, dark earthy tones of rich tomato. Origin-Green Zebra


Early to mid-early. Like most dark tomatoes, one of my first ripe tomatoes each season. 65-75 days. Indet. regular leaf, grows fairly stocky and not as tall as most indet. 8-12 oz. flattened med. Beefsteak fruit. Good to very good production. Good choice for marginal tomato climates. Pink brown with metallic green stripes. Meaty pink flesh that is very flavorful. Originated from F-2 Black and Brown Boar. First large striped tomato I had ever seen at the time.


Red colored mutation I discovered from Green Zebra. Not related to other red striped tomatoes on the market, some of wich are not edible to me, this one has won taste contests. Another top notch performer in the looks, taste, production department. Mid season, 70-75 days. indet. regular leaf. 2-4 oz. good to very good producer. Amazing yellow red stripes, great producer, winner if you want a smaller, juicey sweet tomato.


Looks like a port wine colored Green Zebra. Striking looks, outrageous flavor that is sweet, rich and juicy. Early to mid-season. 70-80 days. indet. regular leaf. 2-4 oz. with good to great production. Aggressive grower. Port wine color with metallic silver green stripes. Dark colored flesh is juicy and very good rich and sweet flavor. Originally from Black and Brown Boar.


120 plants all pure. Mutant discovered in Yellow Boar (Yellow Stripe). Very attractive yellow with green stripes turning deep orange color with gold stripes. Some hang time ability. Stays firm, very sweet with a hint of tropical fruit. Produced huge harvest for 2009. 2 – 4 OZ.


By far the best looking and tasting red yellow bi-color I have tried. Mid to late, 75-90 days. Indet. regular leaf. 12-20 oz. fruit. Good to very good production. Large stunning red yellow bi-color, yellow with flashy red stripes(not blotches). Interior is yellow with bright red streaks, very meaty. Very good sweet tomato flavor. Cross between a Big Rainbow and Green Zebra.


Midseason 70-80 days. indet. potato leaf. Good to very good production, great disease tolerance typical of potato leaf. 2-3 oz. cluster, purple pear shaped fruit, with excellent sweet rich flavor. Ripe fruit has some hang-time. Originally from a Prudence Purple.


F-5 2-4 OZ. Rose pink with gold colored stripes. After 4 years this has proven to be very near 100% pure and of excellent quality. Huge producer for 2009. Great looking with a nice sweet tomato flavor.


Wonderful large cherry tomato. Sweet, productive with rich "dark tomato" flavor. Originally from Cherokee Purple.


Most "yellow" tomatoes are actually orange. This is a true yellow, starts off yellow with green stripes which ripen to gold. Mid season, 75-85 days. indet. regular leaf. medium size slightly flattened beefsteaks. Great sweet tomato flavor with hints of citrus. Best yellow I have ever had.


Odd shaped mutant from green zebra. Named after the awesome writer, journalist and teacher. (Please read one of his books) Taste is very different from the Green Zebra. Much less tartness, more mild with good sweetness. Very positive response at the Farmers Market. They stuck out and people really liked the flavor. As I ran out later in the season, customers kept asking about them.


Warning, high acid content may cause flashbacks. A favorite to many of my chefs. Mid-late to late, 75-90 days. indet. regular leaf plants. 8-16 oz. Fair to good production. Green fruit with yellow and red stripes. Interior is a true tri-color. Creamy green flesh infused with various shades of red and yellow. Each of these colors has a different flavor resulting in a spicey, sweet, tart tomato with good acid. Originated from one plant 500 ,F-2 Beauty King.


Strong assertive flavor of Berkeley Tie-Dye with super dense meaty flesh. Mid season, 75-85 days. Indet. wispy droopy leaf. Good to outstanding production. Wispy droopy leaves look like they need water when they sometimes don't. Wilt leaf gene is common in heart tomatoes. Several shapes of same plant, ranging from blocky-round to long slender hearts. Outstanding assertive tomato flavor. Very meaty with almost no juice. Mutation from Berkeley Tie-Dye.


Beautiful, early, and very sweet rich flavor. 10 out of 10 people liked it better then Cherokee Purple in a farmers market taste off. Early to mid-early, 65-75 days.Compact indet. regular leaf. 8-12 oz. average. Port wine colored beefsteak with metallic green stripes. Excellent sweet, rich dark tomato flavor. Fabulous. Marginal tomato climate recommended.


Not yet stable, however all sizes and colors had outrageous sweet tropical fruit tomato flavor. Aggressive grower and producer. 75% of plants had orange cherries and the other 25% where a mix of larger yellows, red’s and mahogany. Again, all had exceptional flavor


6-14 oz. Rare Mutation. One of the only Black Heart Varieties in Existence. Extra Dense, Meaty Flesh, Classic Richness of Dark Tomatoes. Wispy, Droopy Foliage. Do Not Overwater.


1 lb. +, Large, Meaty, Creamy Yellow Striped Bi-color with Rose Blush Lower Acid – Sweet Huge, Late and Worth the Wait