Average size if 1-2 oz.  Oval roma shared red tomato very durable and crack resistant.  Good post harvest shelf life.  Great classic red tomato flavor, mostly meaty interior.  Great for fresh eating but also for sauce, salsa or just about anything.

Micro-mini plant habitat.  Plants average 10”-20” tall and are very productive.  Mini Marzano is an indeterminate plant.  This variety does great in the garden and has exceptional potential for containers. 

The original cross was done by Mark Seabolt using Brad’s Atomic Grape and crossing it with a micro-mini variety.  We expect more great varieties from this cross in the future. 

Wild Boar Farms grew hundreds of plants for 7 generations selecting the best of the best.

$5.99 per package and the quantity is 15 seeds per package. Free shipping in the U.S.