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New For The 2024 Season

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Limelight, the compact powerhouse for your garden. This small, 12 to 20-inch plant defies its size with massive production potential. Limelight excels in any garden setting, making it a versatile choice that thrives in containers and even adapts seamlessly to indoor cultivation under lights, allowing year-round harvests.   60-75 days to maturity.  Rich, savory and well balanced.

This semi-indeterminate variety is a marvel, showcasing both ripe fruit and flowers simultaneously. The thick walls of the fruit not only contribute to a robust structure but also extend its post-harvest shelf life. Limelight tomatoes typically last 1-2 weeks or more at room temperature after harvesting, providing a prolonged window to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newcomer, Limelight is your go-to tomato for a bountiful and enduring harvest. Elevate your gardening experience – choose Limelight and witness the extraordinary potential of this compact, high-yielding variety.