New Release for the 2023 Growing Season!  Wild Boar Farms is pleased to announce this great new to the tomato world variety!  Micro-mini plant habitat with big production and great flavor.  Average size 1–2 oz. Oval roma shaped yellow with some anthocyanin stripes turning golden orange at final ripening stage.  Extremely durable, crack resistant and can store for weeks at room temperature.  Very good tomato flavor, sweet with fruity notes; lower acid.  Mostly meaty with some juice.  Great to eat fresh; makes legendary sauce.

Micro-mini plant habitat.  The plants average 10”-20” tall with exceptional production potential.  This variety has produced the largest harvest we have ever seen for it’s size.  It is an indeterminate plant.  You can have ripe fruits and flowers on the same plant at the same time.  However, a large percentage of the harvest can be done at one time.  The fruits are so durable they can be left on the vine ripe until most of the green fruit ripens.

This variety does extremely well for us in the garden but it really shines for container gardeners.  The variety uses less space, light, nutrients and gives you more delicious tomatoes.

Golden Hour originated from a cross done by Mark Seabolt using Brad’s Atomic Grape and crossing it with a micro-mini variety.  We expect more great varieties from this cross in the future.

Wild Boar Farms grew hundreds of plants over 7 generations electing the best of the best and we are very pleased with the results!

$5.99 per package and the quantity is 15 seeds per package. Free shipping in the U.S.