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New For The 2024 Season

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Emerald Flame, this versatile tomato variety is a compact plant, reaching heights of 12-20 inches, boasts exceptional production potential. While thriving in any garden, its true prowess shines in containers and indoor settings under lights, enabling year-round harvests.  Semi Indeterminate, 60-75 days to maturity.

The beauty of Emerald Flame lies in its striking 2-ounce round fruits. These tomatoes undergo a captivating transformation as they ripen to an alluring amber green with dark green stripes. While reminiscent of the Green Zebra variety, Emerald Flame distinguishes itself with a unique flavor profile. Unlike its tart counterpart, it offers a well-balanced and complex green flavor, reminiscent of a perfectly ripe green tomato.

Perfect for both culinary use and ornamental appeal, Emerald Flame adds vibrancy to your garden while offering a flavorful twist to your dishes. Elevate your gardening journey with Emerald Flame and indulge in its delightful blend of aesthetics and taste.