AMETHYST CREAM XL CROSS F 3 1: 15 – 25 Seeds Per Packet.

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In a Wild Boar Farms rarity, a technically “unfinished” variety known as Amethyst Cream XL Cross F-3 is now available publicly. This is an exciting project for anyone who wants to try their hand at breeding their very own stabilized cross or even the grower who wants a bit of mystery in the garden. Although the process is already far enough along that all the differing fruit are tasty and favorable, each seed will yield its own size, color and flavor of Amethyst Cream XL Cross F-3. As an F3, this strain is still early enough into the stabilization process that it still throws wide range of finished fruit; each of which can be made into its own unique variation with selective breeding. The ripened tomatoes are relatively uniform in size from plant to plant, resembling an enlarged cherry tomato. Colors range from yellow, to red, to orange, and can even display splashes of the deep blue from anthocyanin