Sensational Solutions Natural and Organic Fertilizers

Sensational Solutions micronized fertilizers are blends of natural ingredients that provide plants with the correct balance of nutrients they need at each stage of growth. Their goal is to provide small-scale agriculture and urban farmers with the highest quality fertilizers while reducing the impact of farming on the environment. The micronization process breaks down fertilizers into very fine particles and removes water, concentrating the nutrients and microorganisms and making their fertilizers effective at much lower application rates than traditional fertilizers. The increase in surface area allows microorganisms to work more rapidly to metabolize materials, making nutrients readily available to plants.

Their micronization process produces fertilizers that are more concentrated, more cost efficient, faster acting, and easier to use than traditional natural fertilizers. They easily go into suspension, allowing them to be applied with most emitters and sprayers without clogging, thereby reducing the labor required for fertilization. Each of the products can also be watered in, mixed into the growing medium, or added to aerated teas.

Sensational Solutions blends have been thoroughly tested on farms and in gardens, indoors and outdoors, using many different farming methods on many different types of plants.

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  • Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

  • Porkchop

  • Solar Flare

  • Barry’s Crazy Cherry

  • Atomic Fusion

  • Amethyst Cream Cherry

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